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2/22 (wed)

Fun diving @ Sunabe Seawall / ファンダイビング@砂辺海岸

1st @ Sunabe Seawall -1 / 砂辺 -1
Depth : 17.9mtrs / 59ft
Time : 53mins
Water Temp : 22.4C / 72F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we went to Sunabe Seawall for fun diving.

The guest was Cindy from US.
Yes, she dove with us at Yonaguni island and came to do one last dive before she leaves Okinawa.

There were many nudie branches.

And a bubble coral shrimp.

Sea snake.

The underwater shi-shi-dog.

And soft corals were beautiful as always.

Thanks Cindy for diving with us today as well as Yonaguni.
It was a very relaxing diving at Sunabe seawall today especially after Yonaguni island, huh? Glad you enjoyed soft corals and macro creatures there.
Enjoy the rest of your stay here and hope you have a chance to come back to Okinawa and we go diving again!
Till then

We came back from the February trip and saw a MOLA MOLA!! Unbelievable!! And of course we saw schools of hammerhead sharks, big tuna, giant trevally, etc. Also, we saw a school of 50, 50, and 30 of hammerhead sharks in the January trip.          The season is still going on and we plan to do one more trip in March, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Wouldn't you like to see a school of Hammerhead sharks?

How would you feel if you face the big underwater ruin which has been there for possibly thousands of years?

If you are interested in, OKINAWA 39ers has set up several trips down to Yonaguni island this winter so please check >>> Yonaguni Tour 2017.








Yonaguni Tour in February, 2017 / 与那国ツアー・2017年2月

Day 1
1st @ Irizaki / イリザキ
Depth : 16.2mtrs / 53ft
Time : 36mins
Water Temp : 24.8C / 77F

2nd Irizaki / イリザキ
Depth : 20.7mtrs / 68ft
Time : 33mins
Water Temp : 24.5C / 76F

Day 2
1st @ Irizaki / イリザキ
Depth : 21.5mtrs / 71ft
Time : 31mins
Water Temp : 24.9C / 77F

2nd Irizaki / イリザキ
Depth : 32.7mtrs / 107ft
Time : 32mins
Water Temp : 24.4C / 76F

3rd Iseki(The Underwater Monument) / 海底遺跡
Depth : 14.8mtrs / 49ft
Time : 39mins
Water Temp : 24.2C / 75F

Day 3
1st @ Dannu Drop / ダンヌドロップ
Depth : 18.9mtrs / 62ft
Time : 35mins
Water Temp : 24.9C / 77F

2nd @ Umabanazaki / 馬鼻崎
Depth : 22.4mtrs / 73ft
Time : 39mins
Water Temp : 25.3C / 77F

3rd @ Dannu Drop / ダンヌドロップ
Depth : 25.5mtrs / 84ft
Time : 33mins
Water Temp : 25.1C / 77F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Greetings from the westernmost point of Japan!

Yes, we are now at Yonaguni island for the annual tour.
The guests are Taehee and Doyeon from South Korea, and Cindy and John from US.

Are we gonna see a school of hammerhead sharks and is the underwater ruin still there?
Let's go!

Divers being ready to be picked up by the boat. All the diving at Yonaguni island is drift diving.

Hammerhead human.

We made it to the world-famous underwater ruin.
Couple Rocks.

Main Terrace.


Triangle Pool.

Turtle Monument.

Happy divers.

Yonaguni indigenous horses.

In total, we did 8dives there and what we saw were, a school of 50+ hammerhead sharks once, individual sharks for three times, massive fatty tunas almost attacking divers, giant trevallies, green turtles at the ruin, barracudas, etc. All of them was in a trippy blue water.

And the highlight was, man, A MOLA MOLA!!!

She showed up after we surfaced and being waiting for picked up by the boat. I put my face underwater for nothing and there she was!!
It was such a cool moment. I was not sure what it was first but just felt something gigantic and weird shaped fish was swimming just 10mtrs away from us. So we started chasing it and it turned out to be a mola mola(sun-fish)!! and I was going crazy!!
It was definitely one of the coolest moment I have ever been while diving. Over the moon!

So thanks Taehee, Doyeon, Cindy and John for joining the trip. What a great time we had. Hope you guys enjoyed the time in Yonaguni.
Hope you guys have a safe trip back and we look forward to seeing you guys again!
Till then.