A Family Vacation in Okinawa

10 / 27 (mon)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Touma, Zamami Isld / トウマ,座間味島
Water Temp : 26.8C / 80F
Time : 36mins
Depth : 18.8mtrs / 62ft

2nd @ Dragon Lady, Zamami Isld / ドラゴンレディ,座間味島
Water Temp : 26.5C / 80F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 28.2mtrs / 93ft

3rd @ Ariga Cable, Tokashiki Isld / アリガーケーブル、渡嘉敷島
Water Temp : 26.7C / 80F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 23.2mtrs / 76ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we went to Kerama islands although the sea was choppy.

The guest were Ken, Kitty and Tammy, a family from Hong Kong. Ken and Kitty did snorkelling while Tammy was diving.

A point of interest.

Tammy caught a massive sea-cucumber.

At Dragon Lady.
The cockpit of the sunken plane, "Dragon Lady". You can see the seat in the middle.

And its wing.

Snake eel. He has survived the typhoon.

Found it!!!

I do this occasionally.

Good buoyancy control.

And a miracle happens!!
In the 3rd dive, I saw something opening and closing its mouth under the rock. Unbelievable, it was a white tip reef shark breathing, which she was craving for. Yeeey!! He was a good size, about 1.5mtrs.

Thanks Kitty, Ken and Tammy for coming today, I had a real nice time with you guys.

Sorry Kitty for the choppy sea, hope you had a nice day out.
Ken, I was so amazed that you were still snorkelling when Tammy and I came back from 40mins diving. You were so into it.
It was nice diving with you Tammy. I couldn't get you big stuff so hope you come back for Yonaguni tour in this winter to see a big school of hammer head sharks.










Honeymoon in Japan

10/26 (sun)

Intro diving / 体験ダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 26.9C / 80F
Time : 36mins
Depth : 4.3mtrs / 14ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

It was very nice day in true morning so we headed to Cape Maeda for intro diving before it started raining.

The guests were Agnieszka and Piotr from Poland. They came to Japan on their honeymoon. Nice!!

First time diving but they look cool in gear.

Agnieszka was a bit nervous in the the beginning but after spending a couple of minutes at the surface for practicing, she was totally fine.
How about Piotr? I couldn't believe he was not certified. Too easy.

They were so excited about being underwater, seeing fishes, the blue in the cave, and everything.

Thanks Agnieszka and Piotr for diving with us today. I was so glad to see you guys being excited.

I am so happy to be a part of your honeymoon.

A long and happy life together.









Good to Be Underwater

10/24 (fri)

Intro diving / 体験ダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 26.8C / 80F
Time : 34mins
Depth : 8.1mtrs / 27ft

2nd @ Yamada / 山田
Water Temp : 26.1C / 79F
Time : 39mins
Depth : 8.8mtrs / 28ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Sea got calmer today and we headed to Cape Maeda for intro diving.

The guests were Leo and Rob from US. They are travelling around the world with a band. And last night I got a last minute reservation. Why not, I am available today.

Actually Rob was certified so was hanging around me and Leo.

The cave was very nice and blue today. Also there were few people inside. Good time to go in there.

Nemo welcomed us.

Fishes attacked Leo.

Sea urchin.

Leo was also excited about sea cucumbers.

Thanks Rob and Leo for coming today. It was a nice experience, huh, Leo? Hope you guys had a nice time for a change.
Enjoy the rest of your stay in Okinawa and good luck with your gig.








Rough Sea, Good Dives

10 / 23 (thu)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Kamiyama Labyrinth, Kamiyama / 神山ラビリンス、神山
Water Temp : 25.8C / 78F
Time : 35mins
Depth : 14.8mtrs / 48ft

2nd @ Kamiyama Labyrinth, Kamiyama / 神山ラビリンス、神山
Water Temp : 26.8C / 80F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 14.4mtrs / 47ft

3rd @ Nagannu South, Nagannnu / ナガンヌ南、ナガンヌ
Water Temp : 26.0C / 79F
Time : 51mins
Depth : 14.7mtrs / 48ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

The sea got rough from yesterday but we made it to Kerama islands for fun diving today.

The guests were Stewart and Hatty from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is two hours away from Okinawa so is closer than going to Tokyo or Osaka.
He is tall.

Visibility was bad in the 1st dive, but it got a lot better in the 2nd dive. I was amazed how quickly it changed.

A group of small barracuda. Someone different is hiding in there.

Lots of anemone fishes.
Yellow anemone fish.

Pink anemone fish.

Tomato anemone fish.

Anemone fish.

A whip coral goby.

Other than these, Stewart saw a shark. I missed it!!
Thanks Hatty and Stewart for diving with us today. The sea was a bit rough but we made pretty good dives, huh?
Enjoy the rest of your stay in Okinawa and hopefully we will dive again to chase big stuff.

Bye bye.







Summer is Back!!

10/21 (tue)

Intro diving / 体験ダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 27.7C / 82F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 10.7mtrs / 35ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

It was SUCH A NICE DAY today. Blue sky, nice breeze, warm, no actually hot, like summer has come back.

So we headed to Cape Maeda for intro diving.
The guest was Brian from Virginia, US.

With wife. Look at the sky behind them. Just blue, no clouds at all. No wonder they smile.

He did intro diving on saturday last week already so was very used to the water.

And not only on a ground, but the underwater was pleasant too. Visibility was over 35mtrs/110ft.

A group of bat fishes welcomed us.

Tomato anemone fish.

In the cave. Two thumbs-up doesn't mean very cool, it means "Really wanna surface!!!"

That's it.


A pair of butterfly fishes.

Thanks Brian for diving with us today. You seemed enjoyed it very much, is it right?
Have a safe trip back to the states and hope see you again for the certification course.

Bye bye







A Beautiful Autumn Day

10/18 (sat)

Intro diving / 体験ダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 27.2C / 81F
Time : 36mins
Depth : 6.0mtrs / 20ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

The north wind which makes the air chilly shifted to the east and it really was a nice sunny autumn day today.

So today we went to Cape Maeda for intro diving.
The guest was Kurt from Germany. Congratulations on winning a World Cup!!

He actually has done intro diving several times before so was very comfortable underwater.

Found a Nemo.

With the line.

Swim on his own.

He enjoyed exploring underwater world and seeing many fishes. Yeah it was a nice dive.

Thanks Kurt for diving with us today. I had a nice pleasant afternoon. Next you enjoy playing golf tomorrow.
Also thanks for treating me to late lunch. It was very nice to talk to you.

Bye bye







Got the Sea Back on Track!

10 / 17 (fri)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Nozaki, Tokashiki Isld / 野崎,渡嘉敷島
Water Temp : 27.0C / 80F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 16.5mtrs / 54ft

2nd @ Ariga Cable, Tokashiki Isld / アリガーケーブル、渡嘉敷島
Water Temp : 26.8C / 80F
Time : 45mins
Depth : 23.5mtrs / 77ft

3rd @ Touma, Zamami Isld / トウマ,座間味島
Water Temp : 26.3C / 79F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 20.0mtrs / 66ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Finally the sea has started calming down and the boat ride was not wobbly at all, so we headed to Kerama islands for fun diving today.

The guests were Shying from China and David from Spain. Both were Advanced certified.

The condition underwater became very good too. Visibility was 20mtrs/60ft over.

Baby cuttle welcomed us.

A big garden of branch corals.

Muy bien!!

Pink Anemone Fish. There are two in this photo, can you find it?

Flounder. Can you find it?

Garden Eels.

Lion Fish.

A family of Clown Anemone Fish.

The weather was also great.

Thanks Shuying and David for diving with us today. It was a little bit rush in the morning but was a fantastic day and diving after all. I really enjoyed diving with you guys today.
Hope see you guys again for more adventurous diving. Have a safe trip back tomorrow.

Hasta luego / 再見!!