Time Flies

09 / 30 (tue)

Intro diving @ Cape Maeda / 体験ダイビング @ 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 29.0C / 84F
Time : 33mins
Depth : 6.6mtrs / 21ft

Teaching @ Sunabe Seawall -1 / ライセンス講習 @ 砂辺 -1
Scuba Diver Course / スクーバダイバー
Day 3
Water Temp : 28.9C / 84F
Time : 51mins
Depth : 11.9mtrs / 39ft

Water Temp : 28.8C / 84F
Time : 52mins
Depth : 10.9mtrs / 35ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today is 30th. Yes, it is the end of September. Thought it got September a couple of days ago, but it comes to the end already. Wow, time does fly.

We had two group of guests today and in the morning, we had intro diving at Cape Maeda.
The guests were Stephen and Wince from Hong Kong. They are here in Okinawa for vacation. Actually Wince has been to Japan more than 10 times.

Today visibility was very good at Cape Maeda, and they were very comfortable underwater.

A miracle shot.

In the Blue Cave. Yeah, it WAS blue cave today.

Thanks for diving with us, Wince and Stephen. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Okinawa, and hope see you guys in Hong Kong. Look forward to the street food there!

And this afternoon, I had teaching. It was the Francoise and Jean-Marc's third day.
Sunabe was still nice and calm too.

I am always very impressed how quick students improve. It is unbelievable. Did I improve that quick when I was a student??? Well let's put it this way, "They are learning from the best".

Have a good rest for a couple of days, Francoise and Jean-Marc, and see you guys on 3rd!!









Flower Garden / お花畑

09 / 29 (mon)

Teaching @ Sunabe Seawall -1 / ライセンス講習 @ 砂辺 -1
Scuba Diver Course / スクーバダイバー
Day 2
Water Temp : 29.1C / 84F
Time : 47mins
Depth : 6.0mtrs / 19ft

Water Temp : 29.0C / 84F
Time : 42mins
Depth : 11.4mtrs / 37ft

Water Temp : 29.0C / 84F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 7.7mtrs / 25ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Following the confined water session yesterday, Francoise and Jean-Marc had their Scuba Diver course Day 2 today.

Sunabe was just beautiful today, very calm, good visibility, and less people.
Soft corals were like flowers in the garden.

A butterfly fish.

They were getting better and better.

We did a couple of mandatory skills for the course today and all went well.

Tomorrow we are diving in the afternoon and the condition still looks good.
Have a nice rest and see you guys tomorrow!!







09 / 28 (sun)

Teaching @ Sunabe Seawall -1 / ライセンス講習 @ 砂辺 -1
Scuba Diver Course / スクーバダイバー
Day 1 : Confined Water Session / 限定水域

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today I had a Scuba Diver Course.
It's been a long time since I last had students, probably 4months ago, so I was more excited than the students.

The students were Francoise and Jean-Marc from France. They are visiting Japan for 40days! So cool.

We had a classroom in the morning, and went to Sunabe Seawall for the confined water session afterwards.
The condition was good.

In the confined water session, we practiced lots of basic skills for diving, e.g. mask-clear, regulator-clear/recovery, air-share, etc.
They struggled a bit in the beginning, but all went well after all.

The course goes for 3days, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I will take photos when I have time.

Sleep well Franco and Jean, and see you guys at 9am tomorrow!








Nice Day of Underwater Photography

09 / 27 (sat)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Kuroshima South, Kuroshima / 黒島南、黒島
Water Temp : 29.2C / 85F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 22.0mtrs / 72ft

2nd @ Nozaki, Tokashiki Isld / 野崎,渡嘉敷島
Water Temp : 28.9C / 84F
Time : 46mins
Depth : 20.6mtrs / 67ft

3rd @ Touma, Zamami Isld / トウマ,座間味島
Water Temp : 28.6C / 83F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 16.9mtrs / 55ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today was Vanessa's 2nd day and we went to Kerama islands.

With her new camera. Today was the first time for her to use it.

Looks good.

The sea was still choppy today but there are always places divable.

The 2nd dive was at Nozaki, Tolashiki island. There is a huge patch of fragile branch corals. Just beautiful.

Closer shot.

A moray eel was in there.

Perfect buoyancy control.

The 3rd dive was at Touma, Zamami island. The white sandy bottom is beautiful.

Sexy shrimps. They are always shaking their hips, that's why they are called like that.

Thanks Vanessa for diving with us for 2 days. It was such a fun to take photos underwater with you. Now I am keener on camera than before.
Have a safe trip back to California and enjoy diving there.






What's Nitrox??

09/26 (fri)

Fun diving / ファンダイビング
1st @ Over Head Rock, Manza / オーバーヘッドロック,万座
Water Temp : 29.5C / 85F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 24.6mtrs / 80ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we went to Manza for fun diving.
The guest was Vanessa from California, US. She arrived to Okinawa this morning and we went straight to diving.
Vanessa is a very experienced diver with over a couple of thousands dives and is keen on underwater photography.

With her toy.

The sea was actually very choppy but underwater was fine.
A nudie branch.

We also saw a pigmy seahorse, scorpion fish, etc... in the first dive.
We were meant to do 2 dives but she decided to have a rest for tomorrow. Whoops, I got only 1 photo of diving... 

By the way today she used a Nitrox tank, also called Enriched Air.
What is it?

In scuba diving, we normally breathe compressed air from a tank on our back. But due to its compression, our body could have a problem called Decompression Sickness(DCS) if we stay in the water for long time, go very deep, etc. That's the one reason we need to plan our dive properly.

However, with Nitrox/Enriched Air, which has a higher percentage of oxygen than the normal air, which lowers the percentage of nitrogen which is a main cause of DCS, the possibility of getting DCS becomes low. So it is getting popular in the diving industry.

But Nitrox could be dangerous if you don't know about it. Especially there are people who think Nitrox is the compressed air for going deep. This is totally a misunderstanding.
So you need to take a course and have a license for using it.

Tomorrow we are heading to Kerama islands!! Hope the condition calms down. 









We Get Wet Anyway

09/25 (thu)

Intro diving / 体験ダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 30.3C / 87F
Time : 37mins
Depth : 7.0mtrs / 22ft

2nd @ Yamada / 山田
Water Temp : 29.9C / 86F
Time : 36mins
Depth : 7.9mtrs / 25ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

It is still hot but the clouds say it is not summer anymore.

Today we went to Cape Maeda fro intro diving.
The guests were Elizabeth from Spain and Alex from the US. Both are living in Korea at the moment.

Elizabeth said she had been nervous in the beginning, but I hadn't realised at all.

Encounter with anemone fishes.

In the Blue Cave. It was not crowded anymore. The peak season was over.

In the 2nd dive. So many fishes.

Founded Nemo!!

After diving. It cleared up totally.

During the 1st dive, it poured. Sometimes people ask me,"Do you dive when it is raining?" Of course, we get wet anyway.

Thanks 江里(Elizabeth) and Alex for diving with us today. Glad you enjoyed the underwater world. Please come again while you guys are in Korea.
Caio Ciao.







Turtle, Turtle, and Turtle

09 / 24 (wed)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Chishi, Zamami Isld / 知志、座間味島
Water Temp : 29.6C / 85F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 17.2mtrs / 56ft
Drift Diving / ドリフトダイビング

2nd @ Sand Triangle, Gishippu Isld / サンドトライアングル、儀志布島
Water Temp : 29.7C / 85F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 17.0mtrs / 55ft

3rd @ Turtle Reef, Gishippu Isld / タートルリーフ、儀志布島
Water Temp : 29.5C / 85F
Time : 45mins
Depth : 21.3mtrs / 69ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

It is almost the end of September, but Okinawa is still nothing but summer. I love it!

And today we went to Kerama islands for chasing turtles. Yes we did!!!
Guests were Patrick and Rosa from Oregon, US.

First dive we cruised around the crevasses. They were beautiful under the sun shining up in the sky.

And 2nd and 3rd dives, turtles everywhere.
Having a nap in soft corals.



Whoops, this is Patrick, not a turtle.

Two together.

Also visibility was very good today.

In total we saw more than 10 turtles today. Literally they were everywhere.

Thanks for coming today, Rosa and Patrick. I had nice dives with you Patrick, and next time let's dive together, Rosa. Hope you guys have a nice time in Tokyo too.
See ya!







Having a Holiday in Okinawa

09/20 (sat)

Intro diving @ Cape Maeda / 体験ダイビング @ 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 29.9C / 86F
Time : 43mins
Depth : 6.8mtrs / 22ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today, before the typhoon messing up the sea, we went to Cape Maeda for intro diving.
The guests were Arnaud from France and Alban from Switzerland. Both are working in Tokyo.

Visibility was super good today, over 30mtrs. We were so happy to dive in there.

A bat fish. We saw a big group of them.

They were excited about being on a boat, diving, clear water, all about their vacation in Okinawa, except for the heavy traffic.

In the cave.

Chilling out in the water after diving.

The weather seems to hold while the typhoon passes by Okinawa. Anyway visibility is very good now so diving will be amazing in this weekend.

Thanks for diving with us today, Alban and Arnaud. Enjoy shabu-shabu tonight and have a wonderful time in Okinawa. Matane!!




Bon Voyage!!