Best Day of Diving!!

08 / 31 (sun)

Fun diving @ Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング @ ケラマ諸島
1st @ Kuroshima Twin Rocks / 黒島北・ツインロックス
Water Temp : 29.3C / 85F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 20.7mtrs / 67ft

2nd @ Cabbage Farm, Gishippu Isld / タマナーファーム、儀志布島
Water Temp : 29.2C / 84F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 15.4mtrs / 50ft

3rd @ Akaya, Gishippu Isld / アカヤ、儀志布島
Water Temp : 29.3C / 85F
Time : 36mins
Depth : 16.9mtrs / 55ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we went to Kerama Island for fun diving.
The condition was still fantastic, blue sky and glassy flat sea. Couldn't ask anything better.

Today's guest was an American family of three, from the left, Brian, Stacy and Austin. They were on holiday so came for having some fun.

The 1st dive was At Kuroshima Twin Rocks, the one of the most popular dive site in Kerama Island, and today we made the most out of it. We saw sharks, huge puffer fishes, etc.

Brian ready for hitting the water.

The moment.

The shot of the day.

Yellow anemone fishes.

Many fishes everywhere.

Hawksbill Turtle at Cabbage Farm. We saw three.

Cabbage coral.

Sleepy Green Turtle at Akaya.

Diving is such fun on a nice summer day, and here in Okinawa, summer still goes on.
Bye bye August, Hi September. 






08 / 30 (sat)

Fun diving/ファンダイビング
1st @ Horse Shoe / ホーシュー
Water Temp : 30.2C / 88F
Time : 45mins
Depth : 37.1mtrs / 121ft

2nd @ Sunabe Seawall No.1 / 砂辺No.1
Water Temp : 29.7C / 87F
Time : 61mins
Depth : 20.3mtrs / 67ft

* English part is in the second half of this blog.









August is almost over. Today I and the guest, Miho, went to Horse Shoe for macro diving.

Horse Shoe is famous for its dynamic land formation and many macro creatures. We had been craving for diving there, but every time we went there, the condition was bad so we couldn't dive.
Anyways we finally made it today and were very excited!!

And there really were many macro creatures. Miho was busy to take photos of them with her new camera.

We were planning to do two dives there but while having a surface interval, the wind started blowing strongly and the sea got choppy, so we moved to the Sunabe Seawall. And my camera had a small leak so I couldn't use it in the 2nd dive.

After all we had nice two dives. Next time we gotta find pigmy sea horses, Miho!!


Happy Wedding!!

8 / 29 (fri)

Intro diving @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 29.7C / 86F
Time : 32mins
Depth : 7.4mtrs / 24ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today I went to Cape Maeda for Intro diving.
The condition in Okinawa has been super good. The surface is literally like a glass.

Today's guests were Olga and David from Spain. Buenas dias!! They are here in Japan on their honeymoon, yey.

Actually David is certified, and Olga was a bit nervous in the beginning but once she got in the water she was no problem at all.

Bat fishes welcomed them.

Otherwise we saw anemone fishes, trumpet fishes, colourful wrasses, etc. They enjoyed chasing fishes.

They have been in Japan for a month and Okinawa is their last stop. Tomorrow they are going back to Spain.

Olga and David, congratulations on your wedding and have a wonderful time together!!

Adios chicos!!









Brazilian Day

8 / 23 (sat)

Intro diving @ Sunabe Seawall / 体験ダイビング @ 砂辺NO.1
Water Temp : 29.6C / 85F
Time : 42mins
Depth : 10.0mtrs / 33ft

Fun diving / ファンダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Water Temp : 30.4C / 87F
Time : 46mins
Depth : 18.3mtrs / 62ft

2nd @ Yamada / 山田
Water Temp : 29.4C / 85F
Time : 39mins
Depth : 21.1mtrs / 69ft

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we had intro divers in the morning and fun divers in the afternoon.

Intro divers were Shintaro from Japan and Jyo from Brazil. They spent three days in Miyakojima and came to Okinawa mainland yesterday.

Ready to go.

They were actually very confident with the water.

No struggling at all.

Swam over the soft corals.

Good, good.

They enjoyed diving a lot. Have fun the rest of your stay in Japan guys!!

In the afternoon, we did boat diving.
The guests were Kaede from Osaka and Mariana from Brazil again!! It was a Brazilian day today.
On a boat.

Mariana underwater.

Today we saw two leaf scorpion fishes next to each other.
The white one.

And red-purple-pinkish one.


Yey yey!!

A funny Brasileira with regulators.

Mariana is going to Akajima tomorrow. Have fun down there.
Ciao ciao, ate proxima!!









A Titan Trigger Fish Attack

08 / 16 (sat)

Fun diving @ Kerama islands / ファンダイビング @ ケラマ諸島

1st @ Chishi, Zamami isld /知志、座間味島
Water Temp : 30.5C / 87F
Time : 52mins
Depth : 18.8mtrs / 61ft

2nd @ Cabbage Farm, Gishippu isld /タマナーファーム、儀志布島
Water Temp : 29.4C / 85F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 14.8mtrs / 48ft

3rd @ Kuroshima Twin Rocks / 黒島ツインロック
Water Temp : 29.4C / 85F
Time : 44mins
Depth : 21.2mtrs / 69ft


Today we went to Kerama islands for fun diving.
It was rainy in the morning but the condition was very good.

The guests were Sofia and Peter from Portugal. They dove 3days up north in Okinawa mainland so finally made it to Keramas today.

The 1st dive was at Chishi, Zamami isld.
This site has several nice crevasses so it is nice to go into them, especially the sun is shining up there. It was cloudy today but we still had nice views in there.
We saw several nose size lobsters here too, which made me hungry.

One more.

The 2nd site was Cabbage Farm, Gishippu isld.
This site is very popular because you will see turtles most of the time. We saw four.

And an accident happened here. When I got into the water and took the photo below, the battery got died. I had forgotten to charge it last night, so I couldn't take any more photos. It's not an accident but I asked for it. I will charge it every night, promise.

Two divers behind the fishes were Sofia and Peter.

The 3rd dive was Kuroshima Twin Rocks.
This site is one of the best dive sites in Keramas, which has a steep drop off down to 40mtrs, beautiful soft and hard corals, sharks, tunas, etc. Sorry I couldn't take photos.

And again, an accident happened here. It was really an accident. A big titan trigger fish attacked Sofia. She said she felt like someone hit her with his fist. It was that strong. Lucky her because the fish ran away after giving her one smash. Actually we were talking about trigger fishes on a boat before the 3rd dive. Pay attention if you see them.

After the 3rd dive, the sun came up, so it was a nice day after all.
Ate próxima, Sofia and Peter!!








Maeda Festival

08 / 14 (thu)

Fun diving/ファンダイビング
1st @ Cape Maeda /真栄田岬
Water Temp : 29.9C / 86F
Time : 55mins
Depth : 35.5mtrs / 116ft

2nd @ Cape Maeda /真栄田岬
Water Temp : 29.1C / 84F
Time : 73mins
Depth : 27.5mtrs / 90ft

* English part is in the second half of this blog.










Today we went to Cape Maeda.
It was very crowded since Maeda was one of a few place divable due to the strong south wind.  And also today was the middle of the Japanese summer holiday called "Obon" or "Bon vacation", so there were many tourist in Okinawa from everywhere in Japan.

Our guests today were Miho and Asaka. They are locals and come and dive a lot. They have around 100 dives so far and are pretty good, so we did deep diving to see some cool goby and dart fishes.

Yes there were lots of goby, but my camera had been fogged in entire the 1st dive. Sorry...

In the 2nd dive, the camera was OK. We a saw whip coral goby, an octopus, lots of nudi branches, and in the end a weird colour leaf scorpion fish. I was so excited when I found it. It was close to where I had seen a white one a week ago.

We had pretty good dives.



08 / 10 (sun)

Fun diving/ファンダイビング
1st @ Touma, Zamami isld /トウマ、座間味島
Water Temp : 27C / 82F
Time : 45mins
Depth : 17.3mtrs / 56ft

2nd @ Dragon Lady, Zamami isld/ドラゴンレディ、座間味島
Water Temp : 27C / 82F
Time : 48mins
Depth : 22.3mtrs / 73ft


Today we dove at Zamami island, the second biggest island in Kerama islands.
The sea condition got a lot better but swells were still a bit big so we did not have many choices about the site selection.

The guests are, yeah, Michel and Ferdinand from Luxemburg!! Today is their third day and is also their last day. They are such nice guys to spend time with. I will miss them for sure.

1st dive site is Touma. This site is famous for garden eels and a group of tiny sky-blue fishes. Also when the sun is shining, the white sandy bottom looks very beautiful.
Garden eels.

Sky-blue fishes.

2nd dive site is Dragon Lady.
More than twenty years ago, a famous Japanese diving movie was shot here. In that movie, they sank a plane called "Dragon Lady", so this site was named after that. Actually the parts of plane is still underwater, but they are completely broken and you can now see just pieces of metals and frames.

A group of glass fishes.


More zoom!!!

A flounder. Can you see it?

After diving, we went to the Shabu-Shabu restaurant for dinner and ate too much.
Thanks Michel and Ferdinand for diving with us. Have a safe trip back!!