A Beautiful Spring Day

3/30 (mon)

Teaching @ Sunabe Seawall No.1 / ライセンス講習 @ 砂辺 No.1
Scuba Diver Course / スクーバダイバー
Day 2
Depth : 9.8mtrs / 32ft
Time : 46mins
Water Temp : 22.1C / 72F

Depth : 11.5mtrs / 38ft
Time : 35mins
Water Temp : 22.0C / 72F

Depth : 10.4mtrs / 34ft
Time : 39mins
Water Temp : 22.2C / 72F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Finally the sea calmed down. We have been waiting for this.
In such a beautiful condition, we had a Scuba Diver course at Sunabe Seawall today.

The candidate was Sandra from France. It had been more than a month. Today she brought her new mask. Can't wait hitting the water!!

I hadn't dove at Sunabe for a long time.
Soft corals were there as always.

The idol, clown anemone fish, was there as always too.

We did three dives and she got a lot better. All the skills were done smoothly and the compass navigation was spot on.

Well done Sandra today. You are now half way through and the next dive is on the 5th.
I am looking forward to it!!
Bye now.








Family Holiday Day2

3/29 (sun)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Touma, Zamami Isld / トウマ,座間味島
Depth : 19.0mtrs / 62ft
Time : 42mins
Water Temp : 23.0C / 73F

2nd @ Ariga Cable, Tokashiki Isld / アリガーケーブル、渡嘉敷島
Depth : 22.4mtrs / 73ft
Time : 39mins
Water Temp : 23.0C / 73F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

March is almost over.
Today we headed to Kerama islands with the family from Singapore for their family holiday Day2.
From the left, Joanne, Jerome, Jane and John. What a beautiful day.

Today we were welcomed by garden eels.

Guys having a family meeting underwater.

One star.

A sleeping clown anemone fish.


What is that, dad?

Don't touch. You will get hurt.

This is the Okinawan water. Why don't you come and dive?

And again!! On the way back, we spotted two whales. We saw them blowing the water and breaching. Spectacular!!

Thanks Jane, Joanne, Jerome and John for diving with us for two days.
The condition didn't cooperate well but we saw many cool things and whales!! I really had good time with you guys. It was such fun.
Now you guys enjoy trekking and Yanbaru (the northern part of Okinawa).
We definitely catch up again in Okinawa or Singapore. Till then.







Encounter with Whales!!

3/28 (sat)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Nanabanzaki, Zamami Isld / 七番崎,座間味島
Depth : 16.4mtrs / 54ft
Time : 41mins
Water Temp : 22.6C / 73F

2nd @ Rokubanzaki, Zamami Isld / 六番崎,座間味島
Depth : 21.1mtrs / 69ft
Time : 43mins
Water Temp : 22.5C / 72F

3rd @ Castle Rock, Tokashiki Isld / カミグスク、渡嘉敷島
Depth : 17.0mtrs / 56ft
Time : 40mins
Water Temp : 22.4C / 72F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we had a friendly family of four from Singapore and headed to Kerama islands.

From the left, Joanne, Jane, Jerome and John.

The strong west wind blew today which was not common for this time of the year, so we chose where we don't often go.

We were welcomed by a giant cuttle fish.

This is how big she was.

And a group of a small barracuda.

A closer shot.



A huge sea-fan.

Always. (?)

And actually today's highlight was on the way back. We bumped into whales!! They were mother and baby, I guess. I managed to take a shot of two together, yet!!

We got it!!

Thanks guys for diving today.
The condition was not the best but hope you enjoyed diving today. And tomorrow we are going to Keramas again. Hopefully more whales!! Why not!!








Love Anemone Fish!!

3/26 (thu)

Fun diving in Kerama Islands / ファンダイビング in ケラマ諸島
1st @ Nozaki, Tokashiki Isld / 野崎,渡嘉敷島
Depth : 18.0mtrs / 59ft
Time : 45mins
Water Temp : - C / - F

2nd @ Touma, Zamami Isld / トウマ,座間味島
Depth : 16.8mtrs / 55ft
Time : 45mins
Water Temp : - C / - F

3rd @ Cabbage Farm, Gishippu Isld / タマナーファーム、儀志布島
Depth : 10.4mtrs / 34ft
Time : 42mins
Water Temp : - C / - F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Today we headed to Kerama islands in a bit choppy condition.

The guests were Theresa and Hajime. It was their second day.
It was a bit chilly today, but we were too busy for taking photos to feel cold.

For the 1st dive, we went to Nozaki for photographing a big patch of beautiful branch corals.
Just beautiful.

Can you see what is in there?

A yellow frog fish. There was a black one as well.

Garden eels.

Hajime taking a photo of garden eels.

Cabbage corals.

A school of fishes.


Theresa and Hajime like anemone fishes so much. They said they don't really see them in Hawaii.
Pink anemone fish.

Yellow anemone fish.

Clown anemone fish.

We saw a turtle in the end.

Thanks Theresa and Hajime for diving with us for two days. It was nice to spend time with you two. Hope you come back to Okinawa for more photo session. I look forward to it.







Blue Cave to Ourselves

3/25 (wed)

Fun diving / ファンダイビング
1st @ Nakayukui / ナカユクイ
Depth : Computer error
Time : Computer error
Water Temp : Computer error

2nd @ Mini Dream Hole / ミニドリームホール
Depth : 19.2mtrs / 63ft
Time : 40mins
Water Temp : 21.7C / 71F

3rd @ Cape Maeda / 真栄田岬
Depth : 11.2mtrs / 37ft
Time : 49mins
Water Temp : 21.9C /71F

* 日本語部分は後半にあります。

Back from Yonaguni, today I started my regular diving here. I was a bit worried about the water temperature since the water in Yonaguni was very warm.

And we had four guests today.
From the left, Theresa and Hajime from US, Denise and Ka Lee from Hong Kong.
It was nice and sunny in the morning.

We were welcomed by a big school of butterfly fish.

A flat worm.

An orang-outan crab.

Nudie branches.

Theresa and Hajime were very surprised about the variety of the fishes in Okinawa.

And we went to Cape Maeda/Blue Cave for the 3rd dive.
Maeda was closed in the morning and the captain took the boat out only for us, so literally there was NO ONE there but us. I had never seen Cape Maeda without anyone. It was awesome and would never happen again.

Bat-fishes were hanging around as always.

And nudies again.

If there was no one at Cape Maeda, of course no one in the Blue Cave too.

We surfaced and had a look at the inside. Look at this colour of the water.

Denise and Ka Lee had got a craving for the Blue Cave, and it turned out to be all ours. No wonder they smile.

It was a bit windy, however, we had nice three dives after all.

Thanks Denise and Ka Lee for diving with us today. I was so glad we could make it to the Blue Cave. Have a safe flight back and hope see and dive dive with you guys again.

Theresa and Hajime, we are gonna have more fun in the Kerama islands tomorrow. Sleep well tonight and see you tomorrow morning!!

Bye now.